creativity with wisdom

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So how did we get here? Like most people, our lives haven’t been a straight path, but somehow once all our skills combine, we can achieve an awful lot.

Nic Clarke

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Nic’s worked in industries as diverse as brewing and water treatment, to IT development and film post-production and special effects. He brings business acumen and a powerful imagination to the table, pin-pointing a client’s needs with unerring accuracy and finding a creative solution that’s right for them. He’s Mr Blue Sky Thinking but with a practical business-savvy edge.

Veronica Dunn

Mobile 07803 613942

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Veronica is the person who makes those ideas happen. ‘Tis she who sources the products or materials or suppliers, solves the production problems, juggles the logistics, edits the copy, manages the process, maximises the budget and generally gets things done. With her keen eye for design and background in corporate communications, corporate identity, marketing and design, she knows what works and what doesn’t. She calls herself the Oily Rag, but as we all know, it’s a vital role as every machine needs one in order to operate smoothly.

Supporting us are a team of professionals with skills ranging from graphics, website design and exhibition building, to floristry, prop-making, lighting, audio-visual and health and safety.